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We have been asked to post DJ playlists.

I will add them as they come in.


Matt Smart

1st Spot

Double decking with Kenny Aitchison

Second spot
Montclairs Hey you! Don't fight it - Arch
Chosen Few Birth of a playboy - Canyon
Joe Simon Just like yesterday - Irral
Spellbinders Help me CBS UK
Minnie Epperson Grab your clothes - Peacock
Tams Holding on ABC Paramount
Explosive Dynamics Whole lotta loving Lenco
Steve Flannigan - I've arrived - ERA
Falcons (I'm a fool), I must love you Big Wheel
Chuck Jackson Hand it over Wand -
Played for Margie Rimmer (RIP)
Owen Gray Help me Island (UK)
Jamo Thomas & His Orchestra Stop the baby - Conlo
Little Gigi I volunteer - Decca
George E Lee Dance what you wanna - Kapp
Springers Who you gonna turn to - Wale
Bobby Sansom & the Lightyears The happiest day of my life Acta
London and the Bridges Keep him - Date
Garnet Mimms Prove it to me United Artists
Chuck Wright Palm of your hand Ember
Gwen Davis My man don't think I know SS7
Velvet Satins Nothing can compare to you General America
Sam Fletcher I'd think it over Tollie



Dave Rimmer


Ken Aitchison

double decking with Matt Smart

marvell love - don't break that rule - new world
ray charles - something's got to change - hmv uk
danny white - taking inventory - decca
danny white - keep my woman home - atlas
denise lassalle - right track - parka
winstons - color him father - trophy
marettes - he's all right with me - mirwood
ette james - tell mama - chess uk demo
theresa lindsey - daddy-o - golden world
chris calloway - i don't need another baby - cub
benny troy and the maze - i don't know you anymore - 20th century
sonny til - hey ! little woman - parker
alvin christy - i'm so proud - pin point
bill withers - three nights and a morning - lotus
jerry fuller - the killer - challenge
martha and the vandellas - i'll have to let him go - gordy
the golden toadstools - silly savage - minaret
cold blood - i'm a good woman -


John Weston


Rob Smith




Dave Raistrick




Eddie Hubbard


Ted Massey


John McClure

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