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At the start of 2006...our 3rd anniversary...

we made some changes to the second room at Rugby.


It was no longer going to be ran as a modern room only.  We felt that the room was being wasted due to lack of support and looking at other places that adopted this policy, it seemed to be what the room needed.

We are always being contacted by DJ's who want to be booked and never seemed to have enough spots to give everyone a chance.

Now we have the opportunity to give up and comming DJ's a chance or the more established DJ's to play something a bit different.

It will open one hour after the main room opens and will close one hour before the main room closes.


If you are interested in a spot in the freestyle room, please e-mail me with a small playlist of the style of music you intend to play. 

The reason we ask for this is to make sure that the DJ's on the night will give an across the board selection.

Each DJ will get free admission and a guest pass for a friend.

You can either request to do, one, one hour spot or two, one hour spots.



The freestyle room is proving to be a great success. 

Those who have asked to DJ, don't worry,

you will all get a turn

but the waiting list is growing ever longer.....

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